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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Like The SUN!!!

There is a beam of light so powerful in all of us! A light that allows us access to powers beyond our human abilities! A power that fills us up and spreads around! A power we can spread wherever we go and share with who ever we encounter! This is what connects us to everything! This is what people see in our eyes and feel through our energy! How do we feel this light? How do we connect with this light and turn it on? In silence, where you connect with your inner self! When you are giving someone a helping hand, when you are reminding someone that life is great, when you are speaking with words of love, compassion, and kindness, this light is ON! When you are taking a walk and feeling one with nature, biking, skating, skiing!

Imagine that everything you do and say creates a color from within you and spreads all around you! An inspiring conversation makes this beautiful color shine through your eyes bringing your beauty to maximum heights!!! When we are singing, dancing, sharing, laughing, different beautiful colors come through us and get passed around! The same goes with negative conversations and experiences! As you gossip and speak badly of others, different colors come through and get passed around! Sharing in a fearful, negative, toxic story sends out darker colors which also activates you and all that surrounds you! If you choose to share in darker energies you MUST always remember that this is what you are giving to yourself and ALL that surrounds you- including THE BEAUTIFUL MOTHER EARTH!!!
My choice is clear; I CHOOSE to have my light shine bright because I benefit BUT you also benefit, and all that surrounds me benefits and that is, in my opinion, the BEST gift I can give anyone!

So today my fellow humans I ask you with great love in my heart, to please join me in sharing and spreading the MOST BEAUTIFUL GIFT EVERYONE LOVES TO RECEIVE!!! Go out there and spread your colors and PLEASE make sure it shines bright LIKE THE SUN!!!