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Friday, March 5, 2010

Never Give Up And Never Get Stuck!!!

Yes life can bring us challenges, but with out them we would not grow. So we NEED challenges in our lives to help us to move forward and help mold us into "bigger and better". It is important for us not to get stuck in our challenges or feel emotions of defeat and desperation! You must understand that with each step you take in life your focus on the positive helps you to see the benefits and emotionally dis-attaches you from the "drama" part of it! Your life, my life, her life, his life, their life is all part of a process, a growing process and the minute your focus goes into the negative state you keep your lessons from coming in quicker:)

Life is not here to harm or punish anyone! Punishment is self implemented by our thinking! The NEED for punishment can come from many different sources so it is important that you feel MORE THAN just good enough at all times!!! This Life is yours to experience so choose your emotions wisely, so that you may enjoy your life and understand when the lessons present themselves so that you can keep yourself in a balanced state and better handle it!

As I have grown on my personal journey, I have understood that my lessons get bigger and bigger. I am grateful for this!!! Because my view of it is this: I am like an athlete who trains and trains everyday and eventually their dream of being in the olympics becomes a reality! They BEGIN by running 1 mile and being able to bench press 10 pounds, the obviously improve everyday until they are running 50 miles, bench pressing 100 pounds....see my point? It is easier to bench press 10 or 20 pounds but if you want to be in the olympics you can't stop there!!! You must continue to push yourself and when that weight gets comfortable you know you've been there too long and its time for more weight!!!
You don't want to always remain where you are, as you are. For now it's great but tomorrow, I'm sure you want to be "over there doing that" right?! Isn't this what life is about,GROWING!!!
What satisfies you today probably won't be enough tomorrow and that's a good thing! Keep growing!

Keep pushing! Keep searching! Keep going! Never give up and never get stuck!!!

Luv, Light and Growth to us all!!!