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Monday, March 1, 2010

The Reality Of Life Lives INSIDE of US!!!

Guilt isn't an emotion that can benefit anyone in a positive way! It doesn't do anyone any good to feel guilt! We are sometimes raised to believe we "should feel bad because..." but feeling bad or guilty is a low level emotion and low level emotion only takes you down!
How do we get away from guilt?
We remind ourselves that it's okay to say no to someone, or to think about ourselves first and we can CHOOSE to become more conscious in our choices and decisions so that we can avoid negative feelings that come later on!
The biggest reality we must face is that we are THE ONLY thinker in our mind, and that what we are thinking about is because we are CHOOSING to think about it!!! There is no thought that can pass through your mind without your permission of it! So why not choose thoughts that love you and support you and in turn everyone benefits from! What you think about reflects on the outside and in a rippling effect that reaches, touches, and effects all that surrounds you!!!
Life has its challenges, and with out them we could not have the knowledge we need to survive, grow, transpire and transform; so let us embrace these special events and help ourselves grow in loving ways!!! The old saying that life isn't about the destination but the journey, rings so true in my ears today and this helps me understand clearer and remain focused on the JOY we must all feel and NOT be absorbed by any outside realities because the truth ALWAYS remains that the reality of LIFE is what lives inside of us!!!

What is YOUR reality??? What LIVES inside of you???!!!

In hopes that you CHOOSE your thoughts wisely,
Luv and Light,