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Friday, March 12, 2010

See Things As Perfect In Your Life!!!

I am a BIG fan of the GREAT John Lennon and one of his lyric popped up in my head as a clear indication of my personal message for the day: "Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans"......Basically reminding me to stay focused on the NOW yet remain excited about the tomorrows!!!

Staying focused on the now, living in the moment is truly important!!! We really do miss out on so much when our minds are racing in the "dramas" of the past or future!!! Why aren't our minds racing joyously in the present??? Feeling every sound? Seeing all that surrounds us? Paying attention to how others are feeling by watching their hand gestures or what their eyes are saying!? Seeing someone's energy, learning to understand it and reaching out if they need something?!

I have cut as much drama from my life as possible and in a drama driven world it isn't always the easiest task but defiantly not an impossible one!!! I have never been happier in my life than right now and it isn't because "everything is perfect" it is because I made a conscious decision to see everything as perfect!!! Because it is!!! I know that everything my Life contains, every path that is presented and every person that is in it, IS because I NEED IT!!! The sour with the sweet because it helps me to grow, learn, prosper, and transform!!! I love this Life so very much and I hope that you too have chosen to see things as perfect in your Life because there is no greater feeling than feeling peace, calm, serenity, security and unconditional love flowing through you and around you, and this comes when we LET GO!!! When we stop the resistance and ALLOW life to unfold!!! Our job is to ENJOY every minute of it and I am!!! Are YOU???