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These are my thoughts of love and light! I hope you enjoy them!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Everything works better with simplicity.
Food taste better when the ingredients are simple.
Our minds work better when we keep our thoughts simple.
Our lives work better when we live simply-by this I mean with a simple demeanor: honesty, genuinity, loyalty to ourselves and others.

There are always simple solutions to every problem we encounter! We need to silence ourselves, check in with ourselves and see exactly what it is we need! Your answers are right inside of you at all times!!! If your mind is too busy you can not hear, see, or feel the answers because there is too much in the way!
Clean up the clutter!
Organize your thoughts and keep it simple!!!

Life was never intended to be complicated. Complications, dramas, chaos are human conditions, created by busy, busy minds of overloaded, over exposed, over informed surroundings of useless information!!! I know being informed is a good thing but too much of anything can become a "bad" thing!!!
So please people use your thoughts, emotions, actions and time wisely! You will be the only one missing out by wasting time and energy on meaningless things when you can be putting all that precious time and energy into creating a reality you love to be part of!!!

I send you my love and encouragement today so that you may find joy in your silence and create a happy life of Simplicity, continuously filled with all the answers you've longed to know!!!