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Thursday, March 18, 2010


Today we run around like crazy! Everyone is so busy, and our schedules are always full and it seems we are getting busier and busier! Why? Why is this going on? Where are we rushing to? What is so important? Why do so many feel so much pressure to do so much? We must slow down or we're going to run ourselves crazy! I know that many people feel they do not have time for all the things they really feel like doing, the things they enjoy most, BUT we must make the time! Slowing down means making a conscious effort to do so! As the great Louise L. Hay says, "saying no to someone means saying yes to you!" This is a statement that has helped me slow down the pace in my life. We want to do so much for ourselves and others but sometimes we need to say no. Set your priorities. See what it is that brings you joy, and what you feel is a waste of your time and energy and learn to say no to the things that you don't benefit from.

Your soul needs to be filled on a daily basis! If you choose to run around with your soul on empty you will feel exhausted! When I take a moment in the morning to sit in silence, close my eyes, feel my breath, and give thanks for the things I have I feel calmer, more relaxed, grateful, and happy! But if I rush out of bed and hurry toward my day I am already setting a different pace! So slow yourself down. Remind yourself that life is meant to be enjoyed and make a conscious effort to feed your soul by doing things that help you feel good! After all the most important thing IS that you feel good:)
Your body, mind, soul, and that those who surround you will benefit from this!!!

So please SLOW DOWN and help yourself ENJOY your life!!!