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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Fear = Anxiety

Today most people choose to live in fear. I believe this to be the cause of most of our anxieties! In today's world almost everything around us can contribute to an anxious mind which is why it is important for us to pay attention to how we react to "things", so we may eliminate what makes us nervous, anxious and scared, and continue with the "things" that brings joy, happiness, laughter, and new ideas into our minds:)
I have said so many times that our time here is precious, important and valuable and what we do with it IS VERY important!!! Please keep this in mind when your busy beating yourself up for something that isn't important! Stop wasting your energy on petty things that drain you! Instead LOVE yourself:) Love those around you! Look at your life with gratitude and joy in your eyes! Let us be grateful because we truly are blessed!!!
I remember being an anxious person, afraid and worried all the time! Uncertain about tomorrow! Dissecting every move I had made, every word I had said, every action I had taken....was it good enough? "Maybe I could have done better? Maybe I should have done this or that?!" Today I no longer waste my energy like this! Instead I focus on how blessed I am, what a wonderful world I live in, how amazing I am, and how I am always doing my very best:) Everything I do today, I do consciously and with love! I no longer choose to live in a fearful place. Instead I choose to live in LOVE:)

I Love my Life:)
I know I am always safe and protected:)
I have all I need and more:)
I know I am always doing my very best:)
I am wonderful, loving and kind:)
I give thanks for I am truly blessed:)