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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Walking Blind.

Are we being blindsided with what really counts and what is of value in our lives??? In these last few months I have watched a few film that have stuck with me:
Avatar a movie I absolutely LOVED!!! A film that shows us that we are connected to everything and everything is connected to us!!! We are ONE!!!
Food Inc. a documentary film that totally blew my mind and made me even more grateful for my organic food shopping and fresh, home cooked meals!!!
Capitalism: A Love Story, another one of Michael Moore's amazing reports and definitely another eye opener that brought me to tears!!!

What is going on here? Why are we shutting our eyes to the realities we don't want to believe are there!!! As "a people" when we come together we become powerful and we can change the things that are unjust, inhuman, greed driven and down right EVIL!!! We must remember this! This is why it IS VERY IMPORTANT to care about your fellow humans! So we can avoid injustices that occur! Just because it doesn't effect you personally doesn't mean it doesn't require your attention! EVERYONE INCLUDING YOU NEEDS LOVE so don't close your eyes to what's happening around you!!! My request today is for us ALL to stop walking blind!!!