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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

We Need To Go Back To Basics Right NOW!!!

Nature gives us everything we need! It gives and gives and gives and never stops giving! It nurtures us with oxygen, fruits, vegetables! It teaches us with its renewal and rebirth. It gives us animals to watch and learn from! It gives us plants that can heal us from aliments! It is a beautiful LIVING, LOVING creation and we must respect it and learn to use it properly!!!
We have become over consumers! We are being pulled more and more away from nature and surrounded by more and more concrete and metal! I am not saying we all need to live in tents BUT we desperately need to SLOW DOWN!!! We are going to run out of resources if we don't stop!
Mother Earth is a powerful, beautiful being that continuously gives ON ONE CONDITION: we must give back!!! We CAN NOT continue to take, take, take and not give back! For every tree we cut we must replant! The Earth loves us and takes care of us, however, like us humans, it needs love, attention, gratitude and respect!
Imagine now you have someone you love in your life and they give you a gift and you take it, they give you another gift and you take it, and another, and another, and another....they flood you with gifts and you just keep taking, and taking, and taking and you never say thank you and never give anything back in return?!?!?! This sounds like the majority of our society! We need to wake up people!!! Mother Nature is speaking to us with her drastic change of temperature and natural "disasters"!!! She is sending a clear message it is up to us to listen!!!

We need to go back to basics! We need to remember our parents, grandparents and great grandparents and remember how they lived and how they "used" everything they had! These people worked the land, understood nature, respected it and even today my parents still grow their garden every year, make their wine, and reuse things most people toss out!!! We must LEARN from these people!!! We look like a spoiled society of "never enough" and this must end!
Respecting nature means respecting yourself and those around you!!! Give gratitude for all that surrounds you and spend more time with nature it has much to tell us and teach us!!!

We NEED to go back to basics and FAST!!!