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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

When will you take your vacation???

Take A Vacation....ANYTIME YOU LIKE!!! A beautiful sanctuary you can go to relax, rest and re-energize! A place where the smell is fresh, inviting and invigorating! A place where your body, mind, and soul reunite with pleasurable feelings of joy, harmony, balance and peace and pure BLISS!!! A place you can go to without worrying to pack, or travel; a place that holds these wonderful treats and SO MUCH MORE!!! The best part is: IT'S FREE!!! Sounds amazing? Want to go? You can go any time and stay as long as you like! This wonderful place is right inside of you! Close your busy eyes and breath! You will move closer and closer to this desired paradise with every breath you take! Breath a little deeper and get a lot closer....keep going and JUST LIKE THAT you have arrived!!! WOW!!! What a beautiful place!!! You will want to stay here forever!!! One of the reasons why meditation becomes addictive!!! Trust me take the time and see for yourself!!! Your vacation will continue to shine through your eyes as you go about your day:) You will look and feel even more fantastic!!!

When will you take your vacation??? I visit quite often....want to come???!!!