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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Will You Ask For Yours???

What does it mean to you? I mean what does it REALLY mean to you?

The treasure of waking up each morning with new experiences waiting to greet you?
Getting your day started with a beautiful walk that allows you to take in the fresh air and appreciate nature?
Beginning by sharing a loving embrace with those you share your home with?
Opening your eyes from a good nights' rest with a smile on your lips, excitement in your heart and your soul filled with gratitude for all you are, all you have, and all that surrounds you???
Spending your free time with loved ones, helping those in need, sharing knowledge and laughter? Cooking up great foods, traveling and seeing different people and places in the world? Walking your dog, spending time with your kids or grand kids. Having lunch with your partner? Praying? Meditating? Singing? Dancing? Celebrating?
Is this what Life means to you??? OR does Life mean rushing to make it to work on time, scrambling through traffic and looking forward to your day being over??? Fussing over your bills, storing anger and frustrations, spending your time with regret and "should of, could of would of" statements filling your head? Is this your purpose on this earth? Is this what your soul wants??? Is this what fulfills you and makes you happy??? Why do we not spend time doing the things we love to do? Restrictions? Limitations? Obligations??? Who created these and why are we allowing ourselves to become victims of it?! Why can't we choose to dream a lot bigger, and a lot more?! Why don't we begin changing our thinking and our beliefs so we may help create the life we DO want???
You MUST ask yourself: "What is the purpose of my Life? Is it meant to be a beautiful experience where I feel continuous joy, quietness and fulfillment, and how can I achieve it?"
If we do not ask, we do not get answers!!!

I know what reality I live in and I know I contribute to it with my every thought, emotion, action, and reaction!

I am asking for my purpose....will you ask for yours???

Luv, Light, Life, and Purpose!!!