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Friday, April 2, 2010

Celebrating Togeather!!!

Many are celebrating a holiday this week(end). In my family we celebrate Easter. What I love about ANY holiday is how it brings family and friends together to share the beautiful abundances in our lives. We get to share stories, laugh, eat great food but most of all spend quality time together! No one is running to or from work (well most aren't anyway) and we are focused on having a good time!!!

I can feel it in the air today, the "shift" of energy. People around the city are calmer today, the energy is quiet and peaceful-all this because most people have today off and aren't working. This is a nice feeling:) And to celebrate with us is the beautiful SUN that is shining brightly!!! Thank you Universe for our many, many, many abundant gifts!!! We are eternally grateful!!!

This beautiful time of year really is about the NEW! Let us embrace change and rejoice in how far we've come and how beautiful the road ahead of us is!!!