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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Everyday In Every Way!!!

When did we begin to forget where we come from? When did our priorities get mixed up? When and why did we stop loving ourselves and our lives? When did we get "so busy"??? When did we stop smiling and taking the time to say a simple, "hello, how are you?" to those we encounter on the street? When did we stop taking a moment before 'wolfing' down our food to give thanks? When did we stop respecting our elders and listening to their stories? When did the 18 year old become a more important role model than that "old person" over there???

When did calorie count and body imagine become more important than the quality of food we consume? When did being "skinny" become more important than being healthy???What is happening here people? Are we going off track and paying attention to the unnecessary details??? What kind of respect are we giving nature and all the beautiful, endless gifts it offers unconditionally??? What are we teaching the younger generations??? What examples are we setting???
Please pay attention to what you do, say, and feel!!! It is very important to share love, joy, respect, honor, commitment and excitement everyday in every way!!! Please do your part!!! We ALL need to do our part in this world!!! Everything counts!!! You count! I count! And your neighbour counts!!!

Share a hug, a story, a smile, a sweet glare!!! Share with those you love and with the stranger serving you behind the counter!!! Share LOVE for it is all that really matters and it is vital for our survival!!!