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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Keep That Mind Flexible!!!

Why as adults, do we sometimes choose to be limited in our thinking? Ever catch yourself being "stuck" in old ways of thinking? The truth is that we are ALWAYS learning, so it is very important to keep an open heart and mind throughout our lives!

As children we are always listening and learning; we are usually always open to new ideas.
As adults we can sometimes become stubborn and closed minded and as Louise L. Hay says, "just as a flexible body is more comfortable to live in, so is a flexible mind". Allow yourself to listen to others with an open mind; as apposed to agreeing or disagreeing or knowing what is "right".
Listening, and taking in new ways of thinking will help you to grow. Let go of old ways(especially if they keep taking you where you don't want to be) and choose thoughts that support you.

We are far more than we think we are. And much more capable than we believe! Our body is our vehicle. It holds our beautiful soul! Our soul is IMMENSE and POWERFUL! We have unlimited abilities! It is our thinking that activates our great powers! Re-program your mind so that it can assist you in achieving all that you desire.

Remember, YOU are the only person in charge of your mind and your thoughts, so you remain constant with your thoughts.
There has never been a more perfect time to commit yourself to a stronger, healthier, more positive YOU!!!! Believe and support yourself!!! Be the BEST YOU you can be and watch your world transform!