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Monday, April 26, 2010

Massive Change!

Sometimes life brings to us such massive changes that completely stop us in our tracks!!!
It shifts your world so strongly it takes you through a strong moment of shock, of disbelief!!!
The road you have been riding on for so many years takes a massive turn and you find yourself put on a completely different path that forces you to make changes!!! It is up to us to fall victim and cry, or see the broader picture, the purpose for this change and embrace it; ride the wave:)
Resistance only makes it tougher, more difficult to cope; and going with it makes the message clearer and the ride smoother!
I have recently been faced with a massive change myself. A shift if you will. And I allowed myself to feel the shock, disbelief, and when I was ready to comfortably release these emotions I reminded myself that this is Divine Intervention -as it always is- and began to get excited!!! Life always takes care of us!!! We must always know that! Deep down in our hearts!!! When you do not hold fear, and you can embrace even the scariest emotion or thought your life becomes clearer! Your emotions can then begin to remind you what makes you feel good! What makes you feel alive!!!
Life was created to be enjoyed!!! Always remember!!!