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Friday, May 7, 2010

A Conversation With Fear

Do you remember me? The one that activates your insides? The one that makes your tummy bubble with anxiety?
The one that makes your heart beat one beat too many?! The one that sneaks in when something frightens you! The one that makes the blood rush in your neck up to your brain!
The same one that can make you forget to breath! The one that makes you clench and grind your teeth!
Yeah! You know the one! Well I'm back!
Thought I'd drop in and see if you still need me and all my creations? If you need me to stay, ponder and play? Do you want me here to fiddle with your nerves? Or perhaps you rather feel another way?
I am not here to harm you, I am here because you called me in.
So what is it that you want? Do you wish for me to stay or would you rather I go?
What!?!! What do you mean you didn't know you could choose?! What did you think? You must feel what you feel and not what you want to feel?! Of course you have a choice! You must remember that you always have a choice! How could you forget that?! Well at least I'm glad you took the time to hear these words so that you could be reminded of what you already know.
So now I wait to see what would you like me to do? Do I stay? Or do I go?

You MUST realise that every emotion presents itself you because you ask it to. It means no harm, it is just coming into you because you call it.
If you call happiness, it shows up!
If you call upon sadness, it shows up!
If you call upon fear, it shows up!

What emotion do you want to feel?
Who are you going to call?

"Hello Happiness and Joy! Daisy here, it's nice to have you stay with me!"