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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Everything Begins With Us!

Take a look around you. What surrounds you? Who surrounds you? What type of situations or people?
How is your life right now? Is there something you would like to change? Is there something you wish to do? What bothers you and what makes you happy?
What we see in our lives is a reflection of what is happening inside of us. This great universe is always reminding us by reflecting our inner world, so that we may clearly understand where we are inside. Whether we are balanced or not. Angry or not. Happy or sad, peaceful or stressed, hopeful or filled with despair!
Angry people attract angry situations. Sad people attract sad situations. We continuously attract preciously what we give out, and what we give out is preciously what we are feeling inside! So if your desire is to have happy, joyful, exciting experiences than you must give that out! What you give you get! That is how it works, so if you don't like what you see in your "outer" world you must "fix" your "inner" world! Peace begins within us! Happiness begins within us! Joy begins within us! EVERYTHING begins with US!!!