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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Let's PLAY!!!!

Is playing just for kids? When do we get transformed and conformed into believing play time is officially over? Why do we accept this? And can this be one of the reasons so many of us are overwhelmed, stressed, stick and passing through life with no enjoyment at all??? I understand that we need to work and get our bills paid but why not choose to make it enjoyable? Why do we not choose to make EVERYTHING in our lives joyful??? Perhaps by doing so, the "right" things will unfold in our lives?!?!?!?
Unrealistic?...... Only if we choose it to be! We all know too well this Life is ours to live! Ours to enjoy! Ours to create! Let's become the example of what happiness IS! Let's show each other that Life is TRULY meant to be enjoyed and shared with love and laughter!!! The old saying, "laughter is the best medicine" was created for a reason! "Love is the miracle cure" another great basically love and laughter can heal us!!!
So gather with your loved ones, laugh, love, and be healed!!! Pretty simple huh?!