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Friday, May 21, 2010

Shift That Thought!

Say no to guilt! It's not worth your time and energy! This is an emotion you can CHOOSE to live without! Instead choose a better feeling emotion; joy perhaps? What about love? Peace? How about sexy? What would you like to feel instead? Now move your thoughts away from where you are and bring them toward any other emotion you would rather feel. So you want to feel happy? Think about something that makes you happy:

There you are lying on the sand feeling the hot sun beating down on you. You hear the waves kiss the shore. You reach over for your refreshing drink, mmmmm that's good! You feel a warm breeze caress your soft, sun kissed skin. You take a beautiful breath in, feeling relaxed and content to be here, enjoying this moment. You get up, slowly make your way to greet the beautiful turquoise water. Your feet get the first of this refreshing, uplifting feeling. You stand there for a moment, taking it all in. The scenery is beautiful! The beautiful calm water, the gorgeous sunlight shining bright, the soft sand massaging your toes! You feel so healthy and vibrant! Now you go for a dip. The water is like silk surrounding your body. You feel refreshed and revitalized! AMAZING!!!

Make your thoughts linger...keep the thought going until you get lost in it...then you can move on with your day feeling much better! Do this each time you get lost in a thought, or emotion you are not enjoying! You know how to do this! You have done this since you were a little child! Some techniques work so well, you don't have to change them! So remember: Shift That Thought!