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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thank Mother Nature! Without Her You Could NOT Be Here!!!

Nature continuously surrounds us and supplies us with everything we need. It also teaches us. It always has. It is ever giving and beautiful!
Before television and radio, people would tell time from the position of the sun, learn the next day's weather by reading the stars, moon, and sky(some still do).
Today we check it out on google or the news report. Even newspapers are becoming a thing of the past. We all know people who lived in those simpler times, after all it wasn't that long ago.

I love today's technology and admire all the quick and easier ways of doing things, however, we can not lose sight of the importance of nature and its messages. Today, more than ever before, people are living their lives disconnected. Some have forgotten the true essence and meaning of life. Of who they are! What does this have to do with nature? Everything!

Nature is the true reflection of what we are. We are a creation, just as nature is. We are created in pure love, we grow, and flourish. We are amazing creatures with bodies preciously constructed. Our bodies know how to function, and they do so 24/7 non stop! Our bodies know how to heal! Every part of us is absolutely amazing!

We need to respect our Mother Earth, our planet, our home. Everything on this planet belongs to us! We are a part of it all! So the next time you find yourself throwing something out the car window, or something on the ground, please reflect before you do. Would you throw something on the floor in your home? Or would you put it in the trash? How would you like it if I came over and threw my trash on your living room floor?

In many ways we have so much today than most people ever had 60 years ago BUT they had the true connection most of us are missing today!!! Learn from your elders! Have a chit-chat, listen to their stories! Learn about what life is! Listen to how life was for them back then!! Watch animals and what they do. Give thanks to the trees around you because they help you breath! Be grateful for the bees, frogs, birds and the endless amount of creatures we share the planet with! After all they are working very hard to keep this planet livable! What are YOU doing? How are YOU giving back? How grateful are you for all of these priceless, free gifts that are giving unconditionally?
Oxygen is yours to have from your Mother Earth with absolutely no charge! She's also given us plants we can eat, flowers that are ravishing in their color and endless, priceless, beauty that we truly can not live without! We can not survive without any of it! So please become aware of how precious your surroundings are!!!

Today I say, "Thank you for the trees, sunlight, grass, birds, bees, animals, clouds, rain, fruit, plants, vegetables, insects, flowers, our precious water and air! Thank you beautiful planet for being so perfect and present in my life! Everyday I cherish the beautiful planet I call my home!"