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Monday, May 17, 2010

We Are Never Alone!

I believe angels come in many different forms. I always ask for protection, guidance, clarity, and serenity and these beautiful angels always pull through! You must believe in something in order for it to exist. If you keep yourself in an "awake" state, you will feel their presence!

You are never alone on this planet but you are given the freedom to choose to believe that you are! This is part of the beauty of things in this immense, ever giving universe! You and I live on the same planet yet we can have 2 completely different experiences. We can be in the same vicinity and see completely different things and have 2 completely different experiences. It is what we believe, how we choose to live, what we choose to see, hear and feel that makes all the difference.

I choose to believe in angels. I choose to work with them, and I am continuously putting in my requests- that are always fulfilled. I am so grateful for their powers and their presence I am grateful to myself for having healed my past hurts so that I may live in the present moment and this keeps me in a state of awareness.

"I asked you to protect and guide me, and all who surround me, and you came.
I asked that you remain close to me and to those who surround you, and you came.
Your entrance is always quiet, beautiful, and I am grateful that I am awake enough to see you!
Thank you for your guided protection! For your ever giving love! I am truly grateful!!!"

We are never alone!!!
Luv and Light,