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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Your Little One!

You must understand the importance of fully healing your inner child! You must!
It is there that you will find the root to every insecurity, fear, and anxiety you may have today!

We have a tendency to keep growing up without cleaning and cleansing our pasts!
We must learn to let go and begin new, fresh and clean with total detachment to who we were, what we have past, and the mistakes that we made! When we understand the importance of those mistakes, we realise that we needed them in order to be who we are today and without them we could not be here, as we are, knowing what we know!

So with out delay, I ask you to complete your healing! Without fear go inside and dig deep. Remove all those old weeds from your garden! Yank them out and lovingly affirm, "I lovingly release this for I no longer need it!" Pull out whatever you see to be negative, toxic, or scary!
Remind yourself that you are not that little fearful person anymore! You are a beautiful being of Light and Love!!! You are always well taken care of and all you need comes to you easily and effortlessly!!!