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Thursday, June 3, 2010

What Happened To Your Dreams???

What we believe becomes true for us. This is the way this world works!
You create your own reality with your own thoughts and belief system! If you go about living your life believing that you are always well taken care of and that you never need to worry, the universe responds to those beliefs by reflecting preciously that!
On the other hand if you make choices based on fear and limitations, then the universe will reflect preciously that!
Very simple yes? Then why is it so difficult for some to create a prosperous, happy, abundant life? Well, for most of us, we carry with us the belief system of others. Those who have passed through difficult times, or struggle in their lives and want to protect or help others by implementing the beliefs that served them. But you are not "those" people! You are YOU and this life, YOUR life is YOURS to live! You have a different story! You don't "have to" live by others people's way of thinking! You are an individual, therefore your thoughts MUST BE YOUR OWN!!!
So watch yourself the next time you start breaking your thoughts down where they become so small that you take the whole FUN out of it!!! Fun? YES!!! Remember that?! The 3 letter word most of us have come to believe can not be part of our daily lives!!! You are here to experience things! To LIVE! To have FUN!!! Don't forget that!!!
As I have said in the past: forget about your dreams and they will forget about you:(!!!

What's life without dreams? Without imagination? BORING!!!

Come on people! Activate those dreams again! Start to live with excitement again! After all, everything and anything is possible!!!