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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Which Road Will You Take?

We all handle situations differently, clearly we are all individuals. But one thing is for sure; there are those that see the enlightened path, and those that see the strenuous path.
We go about life making continuous decisions, some we are clearly aware of, and others are out of habit. Being human means you have the freedom to choose! So many of us choose a limited, scary, fearful way to live life while others choose a more playful, fun, happy way. It doesn't mean one has a better life than the other but we all have the choice.

You live your life, day to day and how do you feel while doing so? Are you happy to be alive? Do you realise that you are in the "process" of your life and your experiences are vital to your knowledge? Do you understand how much you effect others? Do you finally understand that it is the simple things that make humans happy? A smile can brighten any one's day, while a frown can ruin their day!

I urge you to choose the bright road! Choose to mentally say thank you repeatedly for all that you have in your life! Become aware that you radiate whatever you feel inside! So please try and spread some GREAT energy, the whole world feels you vibration! You spread your energy and life respond to it! So if you are constantly complaining about something, take a look at yourself: what are you vibrating to attract these things you complain about?!

Start feeling good! No matter what happens in your life, try and see the light in it! Look at the brighter side! Each morning when you wake up, CHOOSE to stay on the brighter path and take everything as best you can! You will soon see that life will respond very differently than what you are used to!

I choose Happiness!
I choose Gratitude!
I choose to Smile:)!!!