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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Choose Wisely!!!

I still don't get it! I don't understand the waste of time and energy!
Some of us continue to choose to relish in past angers, and frustrations; some beat themselves up inside over and over again! What's with all the dramatic troubles?
The silly stories some choose to go over in their minds till they get their heart racing and their blood pumping toward an anxiety attack?! Is this how life is meant to be lived? Is this how you choose to spend your time? Your energy???

It makes sense to think happy thoughts! It makes sense to smile every day! It makes sense to be grateful, gracious, and me any how!

LISTEN to your thinking! Pay attention when your mind runs off to some sort of unloving thought and bring it back to a happy place! Only YOU control your mind, so stop blaming others and take a look inside! Realign yourself! Find BALANCE and stop feeling like you're being driven into a wall!!!

Life is too precious and is only for a limited time so CHOOSE WISELY!!!