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Monday, July 5, 2010

Love Begins With You!

Love. A powerful, beautiful emotion that can heal, fix, and shift anyone of us at anytime, any where! When we vibrate from a loving place we help create beauty in our lives and to all that surrounds us!
We can choose to release anger, frustration, anxiety, nervousness and stress and replace it with waves of loving emotion! The easiest way to get there is gratitude! Giving thanks for even the simplest things like your fingers that work so well and help you do so much throughout your lives, can shift your state into a loving one! We need love! I believe it is what we need most! Everyone wants to feel love and the first step is loving ourselves right? So why not try saying thank you through out your day for all that you have! When we start to go through the list of things we have to be grateful for, we find the endless amount of gifts we have that we usually don't give thanks for!
We are all blessed in so many ways! We live in a safe, peaceful country, where we can roam the streets freely! Most of us can hear, see, speak, and walk easily and effortlessly! Years ago when I broke my foot I quickly realised how the simple tasks I used to do so effortlessly became challenging! So why not give thanks for your legs that work so well, for your body that functions like a perfect machine and take your focus off the, "this is not good enough" state of mind! Stop beating yourself up and start loving yourself! No one benefits from your negative thinking. When you think negative, you give out negative emotion, so we can all benefit from you shifting your thoughts and emotions! Help make this planet vibrate love and YES it begins with YOU!!!