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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Clean UP!!!

Cleanse! Clean! Throw out what you no longer need! Both, the tangible things in your life and also inside yourself! That's right! Get rid of those old memories, that old way of thinking and open yourself up to the NEW! Keep your mind open! Free Yourself!!!
Same for the tangible stuff! Go ahead and clean out those drawers in your bathroom that you haven't de-cluttered in years and as you're throwing out that expired cream and washing that hair brush...let it represent you cleaning out your insides!
We keep a lot of stuff around the house and inside ourselves!

We keep emotions that do not serve us well like guilt, and punishing thoughts! We also keep things around the house that we might need one day, the "just in case items". I am all for having the flash lights and essentials one doesn't use every day, but if we are talking about an old wallet you have stuffed in your drawer that you haven't used in 15 years, or your VCR tapes that you've collected over the years but now that you no longer own a VCR you never, ever watch! THROW, DONATE, GIVE AWAY do what ever you like with them but just make sure you GET RID OF THEM!!!

You must LET GO of the old in order to keep the flow of "allowing" new things into your life! It isn't just about the stuff! Rather when we clean up like this we can feel ourselves breath better, we feel cleaner, more "awake", polished, almost bran new! Because when we de-clutter we are are cleaning out our insides at the same time!

Why hold on to that old memory from WAY BACK THEN! What good does it serve you? If you keep going to that memory, than you make less room for new memories! It's like if you hold on to all that "old stuff" you don't have room in the house for NEW stuff! Same with our insides if you keep using the same old emotions and habitual behaviors, well how can you grow? How can you learn? How can you have a new and exciting life with new experiences? You will soon find yourself having a very "routine" life that will quickly BORE you and you will spend plenty of time wondering, "what's wrong with me?" "I used to be so happy?" And some will actually convince themselves that this is life and this is how it goes! That at a certain"age" or a certain time comes where life "gets this way" and it's just not fun anymore. This gets confirmed for them when they talk to their friends who feel the same and they all console one another, bringing each other further and further down into this depressing experience called life!
BUT THERE IS SO MUCH TO LIFE!!! THERE IS SO MUCH TO DO AND SEE AND EXPERIENCE! And as I said, if you don't let go of the old, get excited about the new, and break free from that stubborn thinking how can you possibly have an enjoyable life?!
How can your life be exciting if you have stumped your growth with your stubbornness and your routines??? Let go! Live! Set yourself free from judgement, guilt and fear! Stop cluttering your mind, your home, your car, and your work space with STUFF you do not need!

Your space is a reflection of what is going on inside of you! Some of the best psychologists will tell you, "a cluttered home, a cluttered mind".......
I hope you got the message here. I hope you start cleaning up and making some room so you can breath better!