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Tuesday, August 10, 2010


We are raised in a society that is evolving VERY quickly yet at the same time setting some of us WAY BACK!
With SO MUCH NOISE around us and in our own minds we have made it "normal" to have all these "sounds" as we go about our day. Driving we turn the radio on. Folding laundry we have the television on. Doing our work we put some music on. If we have a moment to ourselves we put our ear to a telephone and talk to someone.
When do you actually silence yourself and your surroundings? Oh! Right! Bed time! And now you can better understand why so many people have trouble sleeping! You aren't used to the silence! You are afraid to listen to your thoughts! You create panic and worry all by yourself in your head! Are you reading this? Do you realise how ridiculous it sounds? You are afraid of YOUR OWN THOUGHTS?!?!?!?!?
Anxiety, panic, worry, confusion and fear are CLEAR indications that you have cut the connection between your human body and your soul! You must learn to reconnect! You have to teach yourself what deep down inside you ALREADY KNOW and have always known since your existence!
Your sanity lies within you. As does peace, patience, clarity and strength! So quiet down for once! It will take some time but if you never start....well, you'll never see results.

I honor myself therefore today I create silence and find contentment in NOTHING!