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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Don't Spread Your Stress Around!

You may not even be aware of your behavior. You may be going about life as you do, unaware of the energy you are giving out! Unaware that everyone that surrounds you IS effected by you! It is important to understand the impact you have on ALL that surrounds you! Each of us effects the universe; from the people who share your life to the people you have never met thousands of miles away, to the stars that stretch though out the universes! What you do, say, feel, and think has a rippling effect so keep this in mind as you go about life!

Some people feel alone. Alone in their emotions, like no one can REALLY understand what they are going through, but the reality is that most of us feel the same way! Perhaps our situations are different, but most everyone feels the same emotions at one time or another. We can all relate, and I believe it is important to remind yourself of this because no matter who you're looking up to thinking, "Wow! I want to be like them! They seem to have it all together!" Well, chances are if you had the opportunity to speak to them one on one, they would be able to share their OWN tales of sadness, fear, and anxiety! Like that beautiful model who was made fun of in school because she was tall and goofy looking! Or the billionaire brain who introduced the world to new age technology who probably got beat up in grade school because he was labeled a "nerd".
We all come from the same place and we are made up of the same "grains" so deep down we can all relate to one another! We are all connected and we are all part of one another...some how, some way! At the same time we are individuals, living different experiences at different times in our lives and this helps us to grow, and share stories so we may learn from one another!

Now lets get back to how you effect all of us with your energy....whether you are aware of it or not, whether you feel it or not, the fact is you are spreading your energy!
Animals, plants, babies and young children are first to feel your energy because they are much more pure and sensitive, so watch their reaction to know where you stand on the emotional scale! They reflect what you are feeling and thinking! Oh Yes! If you want to know how you're feeling, take a look at your dog's behavior! Want to know if you have calm soothing energy, see how a toddler reacts to you approaching them, want to know why your baby is crying, check in on how you are feeling! A little far fetched? Too crazy to be true? Why not test it and see if proof is what you need!

I choose to move about this planet spreading my love, positive intentions, joy, harmony, and peace! I actually see hearts going toward all the people I pass, all the places I go (I sometimes send love and hearts before I even get there) and I always some how get the same in return! Perhaps that line at the bank moved a lot quicker than the one next to me. Maybe the lady in front of me held the door for me. Or that stranger working at the gas station greeted me with politeness and a smile! In whatever form it comes one thing is for sure IT COMES BACK TO YOU!
I wish for you the same peaceful, joyful experiences, but you must leave your tornado like energy and trade it in for some hearts or peace signs!

SO PLEASE Don't Spread Your Stress Around!