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Monday, August 16, 2010

Everything Begins With A Thought!

There is a power so grand, so great that sits quietly within you. A power so immense that if you would use it, you would be shocked of its results!
Some of us forget we have this power.
Some of us don't believe we hold this power and we end up spending most of our lives struggling and feeling emotions of emptiness, sadness, anxiety, nervousness, anger, frustrations and defeat!
We spend our time wondering why "life has to be so hard?".....

I love living on this planet with all our modern commodities!
I for one LOVE my hot baths -even in the summer! My computer, my cell phone, my PVR, my car, my electric garage door, my appliances....I could go on and on!
We have come so far in our evolution! Comfort and convenience is common and easily attainable in our world, but the point is: you can not let all of this pull you away from what is REALLY important: WHAT YOU HAVE INSIDE!

There is nothing else that matters more! If you were, in the next minute, physically taken away from this planet. If you were to move on to what awaits you in the next plain; you would take nothing with you! NOTHING comes with you! Not your blackberry, not your car, not even the clothes you are wearing! So what does this mean to you?

To me, it is a definite, CLEAR reminder that I must take care and work hard on my insides because it is really all that matters! The same way I work hard to buy that new car, those new shoes, take a shower, make myself up as pretty as possible....ALL THESE PHYSICAL THINGS are important but I must do the very same if not more on the inside!

Most people are afraid to go within! Yes! Afraid of their OWN SELVES!!! Fearful of what they might find! While others don't know how to get there? That's right! Its been so long since they have gone within to that beautiful, quiet place that they can't remember how to get there!
"What do I do?" or "How do I start?"
It is VERY simple and can be summed up in two simple words, SHUT UP! Stop talking, stop thinking, stop moving!!!

SIT IN SILENCE! YES! SILENCE! Focus only on your breath! Take your time and be gentle with yourself! Of course your mind won't be silent at first! It's only normal you will get thought after, thought after thought....they will come racing in at first. So kindly disregard your thoughts, and just say to yourself, "Thank you, but I don't need this thought right now" and keep breathing. You don't have to do this for very long! Start with 30 seconds the first day, then 45 seconds the next, then 50 seconds, then 55, then 60, then 1 minute and a half, then 2 minutes......get it?! It isn't asking very much and in turn YOU and all that surround you WILL BENEFIT!!!

When you practice and the moment arrives where you FEEL the connection (believe me you WILL feel it!) It will change your life! You will always want to go within because of the extreme peaceful emotion it offers! Because in that space you can take care of ALL the things you "need to do"! Everything you "need to figure out" becomes a super simple task!
By visualising and going through it in your quiet space completes the task for you! So when you physically move throughout your day to complete these task you will be amazed how easily and effortlessly you will get it done!
Everything begins with a thought! EVERYTHING!

I lovingly release my thoughts and give thanks for my breath for it is a clear indication I have the gift of LIVING! Thank you for my life! Thank you!