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Monday, August 23, 2010

Everything Has It's Purpose In Your Life!

Everything and everyone is connected in more ways than you can possibly imagine! Everything is divinely put in its place in the perfect time! There are no coincidences! It all has reason and purpose! We may not understand what the reasons are or the timing but one thing is for sure, it ALL happens for a reason!
When the great things happen we get excited but when the "not so great" happens we can find ourselves in the "poor me, why now" type of behavior and thinking, we could try and remind ourselves in those challenging times that there is a greater purpose and we must trust in that! You have plans for life but life has plans for you and we aren't always thinking the same way, but if you trust and believe that you are always being guided, then you will be! All the details get taken care of-sometimes in very unexpected ways that make it difficult to understand ,but again I will say: as long as you trust and believe!

Make great choices in your life! Follow the path that rings true in your heart but if things should take a turn....well, just keep your heart open knowing that there is a "bigger" reason for it! You are ALWAYS well taken care of and provided for!

With great love in my heart I give thanks knowing that I am always guided toward my next step in life! Thank you Universe!