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Monday, August 9, 2010

Not All Breathing People Live In A State Of Aliveness!

Not all breathing people are in a state of aliveness.

What a powerful statement! A hurtful truth for some. An awakening shake for others.

In a world made to be so fast paced, filled with distractions and "obligations" we easily forget who we are and why we are here. So many things to do! So many people to see! Run! Run! Run! So many of us with very demanding schedules crammed to unbelievable levels ! And yet we search and search for ways to escape, ways to unwind and de-stress!
We want the latest book that will give us THE answer! We follow the latest trend Oprah sells us and yet we still can not seem to "fix" ourselves?!?!?!

So where is it? Where is the answer? Why do so many have an abundance of "stuff" yet never seem to be satisfied? Why do those who have much less seem to be so much happier? Can it be that we live our lives for things???
What would we be if we stripped ourselves of our belongings? What would we do if we didn't have television, internet, or phones? How would be possibly spend our time? How could we possibly communicate? We would be lost right?! Yet we seem to forget we are much more than just human and we are much more capable to do things we think to be "impossible"!!!

My belief is this: if you are alive in this time, right now, in 2010, then you MUST find answers to your questions! You MUST make sure you are living feeding your soul! You MUST go within and listen! If you are here it is because you have REASON AND PURPOSE TO BE HERE and I can promise you it has nothing to do with the new car you want to buy!!!
It is wake up time! I have said this time and time again because I can here the universal clock ticking! Some of us are way too busy to be "bothered with this "soul" stuff because we have so much to do in our daily lives, we haven't got the time! REMEMBER YOU ARE A SOUL HAVING A HUMAN EXPERIENCE AND IF YOU DON'T FEED YOUR SOUL YOU WILL FOREVER BE SEARCHING! I can promise you that!

Tick, Toc,