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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Spread The LOVE!!!

You think you are the only one. Alone in your stressful, fearful thinking. That no one can understand or relate to what you are feeling, and because you believe this, you don't talk about how you feel. Instead you bottle everything up and push yourself further inside your mind, ALONE to deal with it all by your self?! I understand in this society we can still be judged, labeled, criticized, and this is what keeps us from talking to others but I will let you in on a secret: the same person who criticise you, feels what you feel, probably has, or had, or will, run into a similar situation with similar emotion! So forget about feeling like no one can relate, like no one can understand you! We all feel the same at one time or another. We certainly have different experiences at different times but we can all relate!
To me there is only one difference: those who choose to learn and GROW from their experiences and those who choose to remain exactly where they are, as they are.
I am not saying one is right and one is wrong, I am just pointing out that we CHOOSE in our lives, and with that comes all the experiences attached to those choices!
So I want to remind you that in life YOU are responsible for your own happiness, your own success, your own "failures" and so on.

Stop thinking you are alone and open up! Reach out to someone! Help someone! Life is about loving, sharing, and giving! Not criticism, judgement, and envy! Remember what you give out you get back! Do you want the poison you spread to come back to you? When you're busy judging "your friends" and all those things you say about "those people" you really want that for yourself?
The old saying, "do onto others has you wish to have done upon yourself" has been around longer than some of us have lived....and for a very good reason!

So please lovely beings of this beautiful earth SPREAD THE LOVE and nothing else!!!!