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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Alone In Your Stubborness?

It is when we stop wanting to grow that we get old and wrinkly! You can be old at 20 or 40! I know plenty of people who get into their secure little spaces where stubbornness and angry rule and they can remain there for the rest of their days unaware that there is so much more to do and experience and LEARN!

Young and fresh means wanting to learn and grow! As my fiance's grandma says, "the 900 year old man learnt something from the 3 day old boy".....okay she said it in italian but the message still remains that we can keep learning something new everyday IF WE ALLOW IT!
The lesson's are always present, yet only you can CHOOSE to stomp your foot and think NO! It's MY way! Or open yourself up and perhaps learn something new?!

What about just listening to someone else's opinion? Someone else's take on a situation or way of life? I am NOT saying they are right and you are wrong, what I AM SAYING is why must someone "win"? What about listening, taking in what you want, and letting the rest go. No resentment, no anger, no judgement.....and then move joyfully along!? OH, I KNOW! DRAMA! Yes! The addiction to drama and stubbornness! These addictions keep us sealed in a fish bowl and because we all console one another we keep from spreading our wings and flying to a higher place!

The message I would like you to absorb today beautiful fishes, is the next time TRY to just listen to someone's opinion and TRY not to judge it but rather LISTEN and LET GO!