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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Being Brave

Bravery to me, comes in many forms. Being a young woman in today's world, where there are lots of obligations, "rules", and expectations to keep up with, it can be VERY challenging at times and one must be brave in order to achieve any of the following:

* to be your own person, have your own opinions, and sometimes be the only one with "that" opinion.

* to be able to say no, with no guilt attached. This includes saying no to your friends and family.

* cutting yourself free from 'obligations', and the expectations of others.

* Not afraid to be who you really are and not the person others assume you are.

* To live each moment as a new moment and NOT carry over all that luggage from the past.

* To let go of the past! Past experiences, past mistakes....LET IT ALL GO!!! Make room for the NEW!

* To live knowing that you are always well taken care of and that you never have anything to worry about because all is well in your world!

* Knowing that as long as we ask, and we quiet ourselves to listen, we will be shown the way! The how, when, where, are ALWAYS presented to us.

*** and finally bravery means writing what is in your heart and mind in a blog any body in the world can read! ***