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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Blissfulness: Bring It Back!

A word we rarely hear around us these days. The more common words we hear today are mostly negative and "fear filled" so when we hear a word like blissful, it doesn't really mean anything TO us.
It is a word that is over there while we are over here. Why? Why is it so difficult for blissfulness to exist every moment in our lives?

**Bliss is a constant state of mind. Undisturbed by gain or loss**

I wish you could finally understand that happiness, peace, and bliss can only truly exist when you can feel that way inside NO MATTER what you have or don't have!

I Choose Blissfulness to be Present In my Every Day Life!
All is Perfect, Whole, and Complete; Always!
Life is here FOR me!
Today I affirm that my Life is GREAT!