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Monday, September 20, 2010


We need to spend some time dreaming about our desires if we want to see them pop up into our reality!
The more time we spend dedicating our focus and intention toward something, like an athlete visualizing their big win, the greater the chances of it happening!

We must try our best to refrain from using limited, negative words and thoughts when speaking or thinking about our dreams and goals! Try our best not to say things like, "Ya right, I wish! or "It will never happen!" Choosing these type of negative, limited statements we make sure our dreams won't happen for us! We obviously don't believe it for ourselves and affirming with such negative thoughts and emotions, we have already made the decision that it isn't going to happen! 

Your dreams need your focus and intention in order to manifest! It is the fun part of life many people choose to push aside! Stagnant in our routines, some of us struggling day after day, believing that this is how life is meant to be and worse, believing that dreams are for children or for those people but not for us!
We believe only what our eyes can see around us but dreaming is seeing far and beyond what our eyes can see! Besides, a life lived without dreams is boring! Who wants to live a life filled only with responsibilities, routines, rules and obligations? Sure I am a responsible human being, I pay my taxes, I am respectful, I have obligations of my own but I also dream! It makes my life more enjoyable!  

Our mind is powerful. In our mind we can do anything we want to do! Forget what is realistic, push that imagination far and beyond! Have fun! Envision! Create!

A life without dreaming is just boring and who wants to live a boring life? I sure don't!