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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Finally A Diet That Works!

Everything we do stems from within us!
No matter what it is you are trying to achieve, the more focus you put on it, the quicker you accomplish it!
So just like going to a gym and training your body. I want you to realise you can train yourself to do, be, or have anything you desire; one thought at a time, one action at a time, one breath at a time!

The quickest way to advance toward all the beautiful things you desire is to go on a diet!
Yes, my request for you today is to go on a diet:
A mental diet!

What is a mental diet?
A mental diet means, discarding your beautiful, precious mind of those useless thoughts that keep you stuck in a place you don't like being! All those things you say to yourself, or about yourself that belittle you and make you feel not good enough....YES! You know VERY well what I am talking about! All those negative words, and hurtful comments you think and internally say, or say to others about yourself....and if you are going to say to me, "but I don't mean them"....then I will ask you: why say them?
Your mind is a sponge and will take in all the information you give it!
This means: good, bad, negative, positive, happy, sad, scary, takes it ALL IN and REGISTERS it in your mind! Just like a computer! Then it gets stored into your belief system and into YOUR REALITY!!!
So what do you want to store in your computer?
Remember whatever you're storing is what you will experience in your reality! It may be at a minimal level or a massive level depending on how much focus you put on that particular thought!
So the more you think it and believe it the more truthful it will come for you!

Having said all this, I say, go on a diet that works and start seeing all the things you desire unfold one step at a time!

I am a loving, kind person!
I am strong both inside and out!
I am beautiful and unique!
I have a gorgeous body!
I am healthy!
I am surrounded by prosperity, wealth, and comfort!
I am always well guided and cared for!
Life is for me and I rejoice in this new day!