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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New Eyes

Pulled away from the daily routine. The universe puts you on a new path, one you'd never expect. Just like that, over night, everything changes!
At first there is fear. Everything is unknown, unfamiliar. Then there is anger, frustration. Finally there is acceptance, and with acceptance comes peace.
In this process of great change, we begin to transform. We begin to shift. Our thoughts and emotions start to change. We feel like a big part of us is no longer how we remember it to be.
We can see the change in our choices. The environments we now choose to be in has changed. The people and situations we choose to share with begin to change. These are great signs of growth! Not everyone can join in at the same time, we are all going at our own pace. But when you see all this change, it is a sign that you are growing and the more we grow, the better it gets!
For now, I personally will continue on my guided journey of life, but this time it's with new found eyes!