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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Put On The Spark!

We are all made differently and once upon a time this was encouraged! Today it seems we have only one definition of what beautiful is! So much time and energy put towards "fitting an image" that may very well NOT be you at all, but for whatever reason(perhaps subconsciously wanting to be accepted) many get drained trying to keep up.

What I believe is important:
Live an HONEST life! Be respectful to others ALL the time! Smile as often as you can! Realise that your health is the most beautiful gift you have!

This is where one can choose to direct their energy! Now we're using our energy to be regenerated and rejuvenated! These are the things that puts that sparkle inside of you! This is what makes one beautiful! Drop the mascara and put on the spark!

Let real beauty stream out of you!
I am beautiful, loving and kind. I give with all my heart and soul knowing that whatever I give out comes back to me! I give thanks for the precious gifts in my life especially for my health and body that work so preciously, so perfectly! I am truly grateful for my uniqueness and honored to have a new day to experience! I give great thanks!!!
My heart is filled with gratitude!