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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Step Aside.

Sometimes we are effected by "other people's problems"and this can create lots of painful emotions. What can we do when the problem isn't ours, yet it finds its way of entangling us in its web?
Personally, I think stepping aside is the best solution, because the more you try to help the situation the more entangled you become in it! And in the end you will find yourself not having changed anything at all in the situation and joining the group of stress, anger, and resentment that is already entangled there...yes you become a victim like everyone else!
So what to do? Simple: step aside.
Always be honest and open with your emotions, careful now, don't be bitter or bark, and with all the rest, do your best to step aside!
Life has different lessons for each of us and although we can sometimes become effected by other people's problems, we mustn't forget that we have our own life to live, our own lessons to learn. So take the lesson from that experience and continue on YOUR path, living and creating YOUR story! Making sure NOT to get entangled in someone else's web of problems and DON'T create one of your own! Life is too precious and too short!