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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

We All Want To Find That Door!

Walk through this door and find all you desire!

Point me in the right direction! Where is that door?! Where can I find it and when I do, how do I walk through it?!

No one. Not me, not your best friend, or even "GOD" can help you through this door. You see through out your life you are guided to find that door, it is always present, waiting patiently for you to greet it but if you don't see the signs, well then, you are not quite ready.

For those of you who wonder, "what is it that keeps me from being happy? how come they feel peaceful and I don't? I want to be happy and calm too! What is wrong with me?" Here are a couple of points to help:

1) Don't be afraid to be WHO YOU ARE!
2) Don't be afraid to have YOUR OWN OPINION!
3) Don't be afraid to TRULY LOVE YOURSELF!
4) Don't be afraid to make up YOUR OWN MIND!
5) Don't be afraid to DREAM!
6) Don't be afraid of CHANGE!
7) Don't be afraid to try NEW THINGS!


We all want to find that door! If you get all that cloudy fear out of the way I PROMISE you will see it, waiting patiently for you to walk through it!