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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Bring Home Some Cozy!

Coziness is something we all love! Sipping a hot cup of coco on a very chilly day after taking a warm bath and slipping into your most comfy pj's with a warm blanket wrapped around you! Oh what an amazing feeling!:)
I just LOVE to feel cozy! It's yet another emotion I LOVE to dwell in! It's probably why I love taking baths so much!
Rain or shine, blistering cold or hot, we can always find ways to make ourselves feel cozy!

This is why it is so important to leave your trash AT THE DOOR each and everytime you walk into your home!

PLEASE DO NOT walk into your home with your rotten emotions, or stress, or frustrations!
Instead when you arrive home; say, from work, and you've had a crappy day; make a conscious effort to understand that part of your your day IS OVER!!! FINISHED! DONE! Now it's YOU time!
Time for your friends, family, partner, children, pets, plants or just you! Why waste YOUR precious time feeling crappy??? NOT ON YOUR TIME!!!! Forget it!

Say to yourself, "that part of my day is done! It is over! I leave ALL those emotions, thoughts and experiences behind me to be dissolved! **here is where it could be a good idea to take a deep inhale and a loud(mouth open) exhale**I now step into my new segment happy, renewed, replenished and with vibrant energy! I now bring love with me into my home and to those who wait to greet me!"
So now you have brought a completely different energy than what you would have if you hadn't taken those 3 seconds to re-adjust!
So what are you walking into your home with tonight? I say you bring home some cozy!!!

Luv, Light and Coziness!
Daisy:)xoxoxo sip!sip!