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Friday, October 15, 2010

Do Things Differently Today!

Beauty surrounds us in so many forms!

We must choose to see it!

We all live on the same planet yet each of us can choose to see 

things as we want to see


There was a GORGEOUS pink in the sunrise this morning!!!

It was amazing to watch!

That beauty fills me and feeds me with IMMENSE beauty that I 

take with me the whole day!

I choose to get up earlier each morning and have quiet time with 

myself; I see beauty in


When we choose to give thanks and be WITH OURSELVES for a 

little bit each day,

life slows down a little; and that allows us to see the beauty instead 

of only the everyday

hustle and bustle.

That quiet time is where we get our answers, it is where we can 

help set

the pace in our lives!

It is where we can make requests!

I choose to see beauty in myself.

I choose to see beauty in others.

I choose to see beauty in the nature that surrounds us.

I choose to see the beauty in my life!

Love yourself unconditionally!

Be willing to forgive yourself, others and all situations.

ALLOW life to flow through you so that you may always be guided 

in the perfect direction.

We do not need to figure things out we must just let ourselves be 


Trust Life.

It loves and supports you.

Let beauty fill you up today and set your eyes on all the beauty that 

surrounds you.

Do things differently today.

Impress yourself!

Love yourself!

Most importantly, smile! There is always an angel watching!