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Monday, October 4, 2010

Get Out Of Your Head For 1 Second!!!!

Do you greet people with a "hello, how are you today?" Perhaps a nice smile? Do you acknowledge them as they walk by?

I was leaving a parking lot the other morning and as I drove up to the window I said my "hello how are you today" as I handed my ticket over, and the man working there said, "you know you are the first person to ask me that and I have been here since 7 this morning-at this point it was 11:30am. Can you believe it? That much time before someone greeted this man? 

I believe so may of us are too wrapped up in our own thoughts that we don't pay enough attention to anything else! Did it ever occur to you that maybe it would be a good idea to get out of your head for 1 second! Pay attention to what is happening around you? Instead of thinking ALL those thoughts, why not look at those flowers over there, or that tree, or the sky?

There is much to say about what is sad in some of us being so stressed out in our own minds that we miss out on so much! But I will simply remind you today to try and become AWARE of your the little kids running around playing, the bird that just landed on that branch, the sound of your breath as you walk....Just PLEASE GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD FOR 1 SECOND! There's a whole world of things going on!