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Friday, October 1, 2010

Not Without YOUR Permission!!!

Everything needs your permission to enter into your reality! Consciously or subconsciously you have accepted that experience, that person, that job, those emotions to enter into your world!
Everything is a choice and a process of allowing.

Nothing can come into your space with out your permission!
Anger needs your permission, so does stress, frustration, nervousness and confusion. Same with happiness, prosperity, love, harmony and abundance!
All of these NEED your PERMISSION to enter into your reality!
I know, some of you will be quick to point the finger toward someone, or something that you believe is to blame...but before you do that go within and take a GOOD look! An honest look!

I for one can tell you, for a good part of my life I was unable to say "no" to someone! I "felt bad" and didn't want to seem "mean" or selfish! So I remained victim to so many situations that gave me reason to complain and feel sorry for myself! But they were all everyone else's fault!
I finally "got it!" I understood that it was up to ME to teach people how to treat me!

So today please watch what you give permission to and start to make the changes you need in your life!

I say YES to Life and Life says YES to me!

I now ALLOW Happiness, Health, Wealth, Love, Harmony, Peace, Prosperity, Laughter and Joy to enter into my reality!

I give thanks for I am truly blessed!

I love myself, I love my Life!

I spread love where ever I go!