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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

3 Rules To Help You Lead A Less Complicated Life

Learn to trust yourself!
Learn to listen to your gut!
Learn to follow your instinct!

These things we already knew as children.
However, school doesn't teach you this. Actually I don't think any one does. Media doesn't encourage this and neither do most parents, friends, and family.
But these 3 things are SO IMPORTANT! They can help ease your life!!! So why doesn't any one tell us? Hence this blog!
I want you to ALWAYS remember to check with YOU at ALL TIMES!
YES! For every tiny, little question and detail! YOU KNOW IT!!!
And NO ONE knows it better than you!!!

Stop doubting yourself!
Start trusting instead!
There is so much around us to remind us of this truth!

But this depends what you are looking at; because there is also so much to remind us how NOT to trust yourself, and this is implemented by outside sources with the reminder that you are "not good enough"!!! You know what I'm taking about!
....You're too fat, too skinny, too tall, not tall enough! You're poor, too rich, not rich enough! Your shoes are not pretty enough, your car is out dated, your job isn't good enough, your coat is not in style this year, you don't have the latest electronics, your friends have this so you need it to. Your home isn't pretty enough, large enough! You must get this anti-aging cream because aging is BAD!
AWH!!!! Stop the madness people!
You are unique, genuine and beautiful AS YOU ARE! You are smarter than you realise and your knowledge of life is priceless!
Remember to honor who you are, as you are!

No one in the whole universe has your DNA! You are wonderfully diverse from any other living organism in the universe!!! WOW!
Now why would you let anybody else other than yourself, tell you what you need, or what you should have, or do!!!

So PLEASE always remember these 3 very simple things:

TRUST yourself!
LISTEN to your gut!!
FOLLOW your instinct!!!