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Monday, November 15, 2010

Don't Run Away From it

We have many emotions, many of which most of us "hate to feel" but what if instead of fearing or avoiding those emotions we could embrace them and learn to cope and eventually deal with them easily and effortlessly. This takes practice and patience. It takes reconnecting with ones self and learning just what issues you have that are buried that need your attention. Most of the time its just a matter of letting go! It's learning to not fear what you feel, but rather embrace and love what you are feeling and understand the "why" behind it.

We are beautiful beings and I believe our biggest task is learning to let go and move on; live in the moment! A task many of us with heavy memories, and stubborn thinking have a very difficult time doing! But it is always NEVER too late. You can start now. Here. Today. You can begin to learn about what keeps you stuck, what you fear and why; and you can actually move to a happier, healthier life. One that works FOR you!

Happiness always begins from within. So don't be afraid! Go ahead and LEARN about yourself! Make the changes you need to make, so that you may finally begin to set yourself free!!!

I would like you to read below. This is from The Great Cesar Milan, The Dog Whisperer! Enjoy!