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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Enjoy Life!

We all have inspiration. We all have something that makes us feel joyous! I have said it so many times: Life is meant to be enjoyed!

I ask you; do you enjoy life?
Do you do things that please you?
Do you spend most of your time doing what pleases others instead?

What makes your juices flow?
What gets you gitty and happy?
Please spend time doing more of those things! And less of the rest!

You are here for a limited time so use your time wisely!

We are here to experience different things, so please don't get stuck! If you do, just become aware that you are, and change something! Anything!!!

If you are unhappy, bored, frustrated or annoyed, then that is a clear indication that you must change something!

Life is simple, don't complicate it!

Enjoy Life!

Luv, Light, and Enjoyment!