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Monday, November 8, 2010

Getting Somewhere!

Being truthful with one's self is not the easiest thing to do, but it definitely gets us moving forward!
Old cobwebbed thinking mixed with stubbornness keeps you stuck in a quicksand of the past! Awh yes! The haunting past! LET IT GO! IT NO LONGER EXISTS! YOU keep it alive by reliving it, telling the tale over and over again! GET OVER IT AND MOVE ONWARD!!!!

You must keep moving forward, changing, if you want things to change in your life!
This is it! This is your time! Right now life is happening!!!

If you are just going to live it as you have in the past, same thoughts, same experience, same reactions, feelings and beliefs, well that makes for a long, unexcited life to live! Just the "same old" day in, day out! BORING!!!
Until we are ready to be truthful to ourselves and accept complete responsibility for our experiences and realities, we will remain in this "victim" type of life!

Come on people! You know what you do that makes you feel emotions of excitement! You know how good you feel when you're doing what you love!!!
STOP with the limited thinking!
Some how you believe things are impossible! Must you not even try? You know that you can change your body if you change the way you look at it, eat healthy foods, and stay active! If you do all of these things your body will most definitely change right? WELL SO WILL YOUR MIND, EMOTION, ACTIONS, REACTIONS AND THE REALITY YOU FIND YOURSELF IN TODAY.... if you do something about it!

You MUST start somewhere NO ONE CAN OR WILL do this FOR YOU! This can only come from within yourself!!!!

I want you to create the life you truly want! Start believing you are deserving of it and start practicing what it FEELS like to live that life! It is so much easier than you think! It is so much closer in your reality than you realise!
Will you give it a try? Really try?
If you do, I promise you will find yourself saying, "Okay! Now we are getting somewhere!" And I can't wait to hear you say these words to yourself!!!